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Welcome, we are a leading UK supplier of ultrasonic leak detection equipment; the LeakShooter v3+ProT, the VShooter vibration analysis camera, the TShooter contour detection camera, H&K Trummeter belt tension meter and professional work lighting, etc.,  since 2000 and sell worldwide.

A-1 Technical Training, a sub-division of Logis-Tech is an Approved UK Learning Provider (SQA, Edexcel, EAL and CITB) of HNC/HND, SVQ Level 2 and SVQ Level 3 Engineering courses (distance learning, vocational and full-time) plus short construction courses (Health & Safety in a Construction Environment – 1 day, Streetworks re-assessment for operatives and supervisors – 2 days) and the PTDQ, the SQA Certificate in the Introduction to the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver. 

Vision Statement

The vision of Logis-Tech (UK) is to provide engineering and technical solutions that are responsive to our clients’ needs in an innovative, cost effective, professional, quality service manner.  We will accomplish this by utilising our common values and in achieving our business objective of having you as a satisfied client. 

At Logis-Tech (UK) our values and philosophy is simple: Each client is our top priority. We specialise in providing innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions that respond directly to each client’s needs. Our nationwide reputation as a leader in mechanical, electrical, multi-discipline engineering has been fostered by our experienced staff of engineers.

At Logis-Tech (UK), we believe that our ability to deliver strong results to our clients depends on our ability to provide an enriching work environment for our employees. We ensure our employees have the tools they need to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions in line with our corporate culture — in other words, we empower our employees to provide unparalleled and unrestrained service to our clients. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Logis-Tech (UK) is to define a culture where our people are set free to be the best they can be.  They define an environment where we are motivated to respond quickly to client needs, to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions on behalf of the company.

People with the freedom and responsibility of our common values give us a powerful competitive advantage.

We believe everyone embracing the values of the firm will do what is best for the client, each other and the business. 

  • Expects people to perform their job and be accountable.
  • Demonstrates openness and honesty in business relationships.
  • Eliminates the fear of breaking away from familiar ways of thinking and acting.
  • Shares information freely in all directions, both good news and bad news.
  • Does not look for or assume motives beyond those stated by others.
  • Respects and honour matters of confidentiality.

Mutual Respect
We treat everyone with dignity and courtesy. 

  • Makes everyone feel important and able to make a contribution.
  • Listens without interruption when someone is speaking.
  • Makes no distinction based on position.
  • Accepts or gives apologies when appropriate.
  • Recognises the uniqueness of individuals.

We recognise the potential for teams to produce superior results over what team members could achieve as individuals.

  • Believes that teaming is the balanced involvement of all relevant functions.
  • Aligns personal work and team activities to optimize contribution to the divisions.
  • Accepts and supports team decisions after individual views have been expressed.
  • Resolves disagreements within and between work teams by doing what is best for the enterprise.
  • Contributes to the success of others by helping others solve problems, meet deadlines and work effectively.
  • Openly shares relevant information.

Sense of Urgency
We recognise time as a competitive advantage.

  • Places a high priority on time.  Delivers work on time to both internal and external customers.
  • Works to reduce time required to perform assigned tasks.  Removes needless steps.
  • Errs in the direction of moving too fast, rather than moving too slow.
  • Acts quickly to accomplish our goals and meet our commitments.
  • Assesses the situation and acts accordingly.
  • Responds to questions and issues immediately or as soon as appropriate information is collected.

We believe people must work in an environment where they feel enabled to make decisions that contribute to client satisfaction and performance of the firm.   

  • Defines the boundaries of accountability and freedom to act, but remains flexible to meet changing business needs.
  • Balances decision making authority and responsibility.
  • Drives decision-making authority and responsibility to the lowest level of competency.
  • Seeks and shares information with others on decisions that affect them.
  • Provides opportunities for employees to develop new skills, expertise and perspective.
  • Understands how individual work impacts the firm’s success.
  • Develops the capability of others through active mentoring and coaching.

Risk Taking

We accept and encourage informed risk taking.

  • Nurtures risk taking in the workplace.
  • Recognises failures associated with reasonable risk taking should not be punished but used as an opportunity for improvement to the underlying processes.
  • Demonstrates the courage to speak freely and challenges the status quo to stimulate change and make decisions to move us forward.
  • Challenges prescribed methods and procedures to better serve the customer.
  • Recognises the real risk to business success lies in not challenging and improving processes.
  • Offers recognition for informed risk taking.

Continuous Improvement
We recognise everything we do as a process that can be eliminated, simplified or improved.

  • Asks “How can it be improved?” rather than “Does it need to be improved?”
  • Recognises the value of change for improvement.
  • Focuses on problem prevention rather than problem resolution.
  • Evaluates changing technology and optimises its use.
  • Recognises redundancy and waste must be eliminated.
  • Eliminates unneeded processes (practices/systems) without concern for impact on specific job assignments.
  • Accepts self-development as a process that needs continuous improvement.
  • Recognises processes as the key to performance improvement.
  • Makes decisions based on need or opportunity, not precedent.

We deliver what we promise to each other and to our clients.

  • Recognises action rather than rhetoric as the true measurement of commitment.
  • Promises only what can be delivered.
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to continued learning and upgrading of skills.
  • Communicates the impact of change to base assumptions used to make commitments.
  • Accepts obligation to continuous improvement.

Client Satisfaction
We delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.

  • Listens to clients.
  • Actively solicits input from clients for important decisions.  Always assumes the client has something to contribute.
  • Always asks, “How can I better serve the client?”
  • Responds with urgency to clients’ feedback, including both complaints and suggestions.
  • Delights the client with quality and service that exceeds competition.  Increases client loyalty to our services by always going the extra mile.
  • Effectively represents the interests of the client.

24/7 availability

At Logis-Tech (UK) we do aim to reply to all inquiries and are available 24/7 throughout the year.

Certified Engineers

The majority of all engineers within the employ of Logis-Tech (UK) are chartered engineers.

Affordable prices

We endeavour to provide equipment at affordable / reasonable prices

If You Need Any Industrial Solution ... We Are Available For You

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